Gaby's Story

Meet Gabriella, a 10-year-old writer from Sydney, Australia who at the age of 8 discovered her passion for writing in Year 2 when her teacher challenged the class to write a book. This soon became Gabriella's project outside of school as she continued writing months after she started. Her parents took her writing more seriously when she passed the half-way mark and nine months after starting her first Light of Luna book, Gabriella finished it in August 2021 and self-published it that November.

Subsequently, she continued working on her Light of Luna series, which included a re-edit of Book 1. Within a year of self-publishing her first book, she remarkably produced a total of six books in the series, with the first three also being self-published. She is now writing her ninth and final book of the Light of Luna series.

Gabriella has lots of fun writing and loves sharing her imagination with other people. She is mad about horses and loves bike riding with her family, playing softball and hanging out with her friends.

Gabriella's advice to others:
‘’If you would like to write, let your imagination run wild!
There’s no wrong way!’’