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The Moon's Choice

Sister Planet is a Super Strange Place. Home for six children who have no idea just how strange, upside down and even dangerous it can be.

For when a simple camping trip leads the children to a mysterious school hidden in a forest their lives are changed forever. They are thrown into a world of magic where animals and elements collide. Discovering their hidden powers which aren’t always easy to control. Realising some of their teachers cannot be trusted, especially when they shrink their students.

And learning some mind-blowing secrets. That their parents are not quite who they think they are. And neither are they. 

For they are the Chosen Ones of Six. On a quest that begins with meeting a Turtle Princess and travelling to her underwater Palace to deal with a very bothersome love spell.

The Twilight Kiss

In a race against time to save Daphne’s life the Gallio children have to find a Twilight Kiss, a Time Spike, visit the Queendoms of The Wind Anoms, The Love Bunnies and finally The Rock Bears on Sister Planet. Which is easier said than done. Dealing with mysterious birds, perplexing bunnies and fearsome bears all come with their challenges and risks. It’s forwards, backwards and often sideways.

Along the way the children come to realise that being an anom, able to morph from human to animal and back again, has some suprising and shocking side effects. The biggest surprises of all being saved for Daphne, Jack and Skye. It’s a family thing and their families are bigger, weirder and more complicated than they ever imagined.

The excitement, chaos and often sheer terror never stops. But the Gallio children also never give up on the journey of becoming their true selves. 

The Sapphire Throne

Welcome to Planet Barleria. A new world of exotic Queendoms, of giant Griffins, Fire Unicorns, Dragons, a Hippocampus and where the anoms face their biggest mission yet. To find a replacement for the mighty Man in Moon, someone who will be able to build a Sun Palace for Skye. It’s a mission fraught with danger. Man in Moon is a terrifying grump but maybe, just maybe he can be conquered by the power of love.

Meanwhile, Barlerians make preparations to crown their new Queen. And as the anoms and the Gallio children are learning, it’s always best to expect the unexpected. But who would ever expect a hologram to be part of the royal family?

There is a search party out for Glint and Taylor. Daphne and Jack have some double trouble to handle. And Drift and Noah’s love is pushed to breaking point. Will it endure the wrath from the past and survive the times?

The Tides of Time

Noah and Drift have got to save the World. In particular save Skye by helping get her Sun Palance before she loses all of her senses. But before this can happen Noah first has to see off a rival for Drift's affections, discover some dark family secrets that may be best not knowing, and then fight a ferocious wolf.

It's a dangerous mission filled with bumptious bears, quarrelling friends and family and a contrary Griffin.

Who to trust? And all of which tests Noah and Drift's relationship to the limit. A tough time for a Hippocampus and time this Hippocampus needs to get tough if he's to succeed.